Friday, October 7, 2016

T'challa vs Killmonger Round 4

Story: Priest #19-21

Background: Killmonger is alive once more! After various schemes (such as crashing the world economy), Killmonger and T'challa first meet at the Resurrection Altar. With the help of Dr. Voodoo, Killmonger and his undead army were subdued. However, due to tribal honor, T'challa and Killmonger must fight, man-to-man, in an epic Tribal Challenge

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Voodoo explains in #21 how Killmonger was back from the dead... again.

Now that he is back, it is time for fisticuffs...

At Warrior Falls, the sight of the first brawl between T'challa and Killmonger (Round 1), the Tribal Challenge begins

Distracted by idiot Ross and useless Lynne, T'challa lets his guard down and takes a seemingly fatal strike to the chest...

Of course, T'challa was not gone. With the help of Dr. Voodoo and Moon Knight, he was brought back from the brink of death. However, he was just king... Killmonger was Black Panther.

Unfortunately for Killmonger, his reign as the Black Panther was not long. Soon afterwards, he undertook the Right of Ascension, gobbled up the Heart Shaped Herb... and was put into a coma from it. T'challa was then the default Black Panther once again.

[12/06/2016: Edited to add in Killmonger's resurrection. -- Shadow]

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