Black Panther Feats

This is an ongoing list of every single worthy feat performed by T'challa in the main comic universe. Alternate realities, alternate timelines, and future timelines are not counted.

The feats list got too large for one page, so they have now been split up into their own categories and pages:

Strength Feats
Speed and Agility Feats
Intelligence and Prep Feats
Technological Feats
Durability Feats
Senses Feats
Combat Feats


  1. recently added 1-34 of Hudlins run, Deadpool #15, and Coates' run 1-3 feats

  2. Added See Wakanda and Die and Doom War. Went through Deadliest of the Species and nothing really pops out feat wise that is notable due to how abstract things are. Could talk about being able to survive the mystics or refusing to die but... not really notable IMO due to not being concrete.

    next up is List's run

  3. Added Jet pack from CWII #4 and the hulkbuster armor in Totally Awesome Hulk #9

  4. added feats from Liss's Man Without Fear run, lots of action and tech feats in there. Forgot how action packed Liss's run was

  5. added feats from Liss's Most Dangerous Man Alive run

  6. added tech feat from ANAD Avengers #13 and then multiple feats from F4 Annual #5

  7. added feats from T'challa's first appearances in Fantastic Four (#52 and following issues)

  8. added feats from Avengers: Ultron Unlimited

  9. added feats from Avengers: Ultron Unlimited

  10. added feats from early in hickmans MA, and then a feat from totally awesome hulk #12

  11. Added all feats for Hickman's avengers and new avengers run

  12. Loved these feats, keep em coming

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    I don't know the source for this, but this is a good feat which confirms that T'Challa can dodge bullets AFTER they are fired.

    1. Is that from Panther's Quest? I looks like it is from Panther's Quest. I need re-read it so I can pull feats from it. I hate the story so it has been on the back burnger.

      Wish it was more clear :/

    2. haha, sorry I'm not sure where it is from... Love this website BTW!

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  17. Any mention of him being the leader of the new incarnation of the Avengers?

  18. How about him using fight simulations of Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk from BLACK PANTHER vs DEADPOOL #2

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