Monday, October 31, 2016

T'challa vs M'baku: Round 2

Story: Avengers, vol 1 #78

Background: Captain America is ambushed by M'baku, who has a goal to take down all of the Avengers. He succeeds in defeating Captain America but flees when the rest of the Avengers appear. He then kidnaps Monica Lynn to force T'challa in facing him alone.  

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The ol' trick mannequin bomb. Who knew M'baku was so clever?

T'challa ends up thrown in a dungeon of sorts and listens to M'baku's master plan and sees the formation of the Lethal Legion. 

The Avengers and the Lethal Legion eventually fight. Spoilers... Avengers win. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

T'challa Switches Sides in Civil War II #6

I am honestly too tired to get into the ridiculousness of this speech (the praise of Captain America is nauseating), so here are the scans instead.

After they teleport away to an old Nick Fury safe house...

And, because hack writers like Bendis turns into from time to time cannot help but mention it...

Let's just throw a dose of marriage shade in there for fun!

Overall, all the previews showed T'challa on Tony's side and here we are. This could have been handled way better but, I'd prefer T'challa on Tony's side compared to Carols.

The previous tie ins, both Captain Marvel and Ultimates, made this side change make more sense.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Ultimates #12- Spoilers and Thoughts


- Anti-Man is in space, having his usual crazy thoughts. Wants to die... Galactus says no

- Danvers is in the White House, Gyrich shows up to tell him the Ultimates are shut down due to T'challa's actions in Civil War II. Alpha Flight remains though.

- Carol visits the blown apart Triskillion. Adam and Monica show up and they have been doing science stuff.

- Carol goes to visit MAC. They end up going to a alternate universe were predictive justice was the norm. Looks to be ruled by Doombots. They smash a bunch of them, MAC makes a comment how that should be enough to help the resistance, they leave on good terms.

- Cut to shady ass Vogt, who is assembling his own team to do shadowy super science threat stuff with the Ultimates gone. On orders from the President.

- Galactus doesn't approve of Vogt's. He needs help. He turns Anti-Man into his Herald of Life. Anti-Man's first task... bring the Ultimates to Galactus.


- One thing that keeps bothering me... T'challa showing up flanked by two Doras. Why is there such a disconnect between The Ultimates and Black Panther??

- The return of the Priest suit!

- But, for T'challa's part, this was just more teasing to whatever happens in Civil War II. His prescense was felt in the book but once again, he really didn't say or do anything.

- The Herald decision should have been suspected but still disappointing.

- This issue was half conclusion to The Ultimates and half set up for Ultimates Squared. I guess its back to space... :(

Totally Awesome Hulk #11- Spoilers and Thoughts (Guest Appearance)


- The monster thing is tearing the city up. It seems to thrive off of emotion.

- The Panthertron and Hulk continue to fight with T'challa threatening to transport Cholk to the Negative Zone. Cholk gets the upper hand and starts dismantling the Panthertron.

- T'challa tells Jake to teleport them both now, but can't because Cholk set off a mini EMP. Cholk bounds for the city and Jake comments on how he's jumping farther than Cholk ever has (aka he is getting stronger).

- Jake says they can teleport him again... T'challa stops him because Cholk isn't heading for Barton.

- Cholk fights and seemingly defeats Monster thing... however the Monster grows stronger due to Cholk's pride, beats the shit out of him, gets bored because he's knocked out, and takes a screaming baby.

- Cholk wakes up and asks T'challa for help controlling his emotions.


- The preview gave away 95% of the Panthertron fight. Kinda of disappointing and kind of disappointing it got trashed so easily. But, its Cho's book so that was bound to happen.

- What is more interesting is Cho asking for help. Seems to set up T'challa to continue showing up in this book as a mentor of sorts.

Here are the Panther pages...

Here are the pages after Cho gets punked by the monster

Monday, October 24, 2016

T'challa vs M'Baku: Round 1

Story: Avengers, vol 1, #62

Background: T'challa returns to Wakanda with the Avengers, after leaving his friend M'baku to play Chieftain in his absence. However, M'baku wanted Wakanda to himself and thus... fisticuffs must be had! M'baku drugs T'challa and the Avengers and reveals his true self to T'challa....

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On a side note, this is the earliest Tribal Challenge I can remember in the books, but I am not 100%.

And there we get the full account of M'baku's treachery. He wants to return Wakanda to its pre-technological state. This book was obviously made before the Hudlin ret-con that Wakanda has always been advanced.

Yeah... M'baku basically crushes himself trying to knock down a statue. Not his finest moment, that is for sure.

Friday, October 21, 2016

UPDATE: Shuri's Journey through the Djalia (up to issue #7)

UPDATED: Issue #7 added

With T'challa about to enter the Djalia to find Shuri relatively soon (issue #8), I thought it would be cool to put all of Shuri's journey in one easy to read spot. So far, it has been so chopped up and interspersed throughout the six issues that it feels a bit disjointed. 

[If you click on a image, it will enlarge and you can scroll through them easily -- Shadow]

continued after the jump...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Black Panther #7 Thoughts and Spoilers


There are three separate story lines going on so we will simply do it one at a time.

- Shuri is continuing her trip to the Djalia, which is pretty much just another vague poem like story, this time about a boy and a cheetah. I am not even going to pretend I know where this is all going.

- Changamire meets with Tetu and Zenzi. He gives his criticisms of the crown and turns it into criticisms of The People as well. Basic gist is they are no better, if not worse. Tetu basically admits as much at the end. They have gone full heel.

- The Crew/T'challa part of the story was basically shown in the preview. A few fisticuffs, T'challa gets the better of Stane even with his hands tied behidn his back. Stane gets away thanks to the Vanisher dude. T'challa thanks the Crew and then thanks the suicide bomber turned ally.


- I am sick of the Shuri stuff. Too vague to me. Maybe it ties together in the end and on a re-read it will be better but... bleh. Waste of pages at this point in time.

- The Chang/The People conversation was likely the best part of the book. I do like Changamire's realization that the People are nothing but terrorists and are certainly no better than the King. Tetu and Zenzi going full bad guy is welcomed at this point.

- And then there are the Crew. The big build up was 100% wasted junk. No good interactions between T'challa and the Crew. The action was surprisingly bad and stiff both in creativity and the way it was drown. I mean, yeeesh. If they had any dreams of spinning a Crew title out of this, this issue did not help one iota. You could have replaced any group of people, including the HZ, and gotten the same effect. What a missed opportunity here... no Cage, Misty, or Storm fan is staying on the book because of this appearance.

- T'challa had his best showing yet, in my humble opinion. He actually used the force push in an interesting way and was able to take Stane with his hands behind his back. Not bad, a definite improvement over previous issues.

- All in all, I feel this issue was "just alright," kind of like the rest of the book. What should have been an action packed, Crew centered issue was just another cog in the Coates engine. Oh well

Monday, October 17, 2016

Vision Wrecked T'challa in Vision #11

Good thing Vision also wrecked about 15 super heroes that same issue

Pissed Vision should not be trifled with

Friday, October 14, 2016

Black Panther #7 Solicit and Preview


With no one left to trust, T’Challa leans on his day ones: Luke Cage. Misty Knight. Storm.

But Wakanda may be too far gone for this all-new, all different CREW.

- One constant criticism of this book from me is that the action art is just stiff as hell. And unfortunately, it is even more apparent here. That panel with Misty fighting Vanisher is just... yikes.

- But, it is good to see what looks like four metas for T'challa and the Crew to fight. Evens the odds a bit. I would hope/imagine that T'challa takes on Stane while the others take care of the three Z-listers.

- Excited for this... always good to see Mr. Cage on panel!