Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Feats: BP Uses Tiger God to Destroy Logos (Ultimates² #100)

T'challa took the power of the Tiger God, and used it to destroy Logos, which was a combination of Chaos, Order, and the In-Betweener.

Logo's was strong enough to kill or convert other cosmic entities, such as the Celestials, Living Tribunal (Chaos and Order did that themselves before fusing) and Galactus.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Evolution of the Panther Habit

Original Kirby design that never made it to print:

Original, rejected debut cover, showcasing his skin color and also using more gray tones:

Actual debut, Fantastic Four #52-53:

Fantastic Four #53

When he joined the Avengers, his costume changed to more of a dark blue, the cape was gone, and his mask changed to showcase that he was indeed, African. 

Avengers #52

Monday, August 7, 2017

Black Panther vs Hydro-Man

Story: Black Panther, vol 3, #14 (Priest)

Background: Hydro-Man hijacks a plane. Due to the passenger on board that has a connection to T'challa, T'challa believes the assassin is truly after T'challa. So, he goes to figure out who hijacked the plane and stop them. He takes Justice from the Avengers along with him. 

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Hydro-Man disperses and BP goes to find him. He finds the dudes escorting the bad guy and asks for their guns so Hydro-Man can't use them. 

BP lands the plane with help from Justice. Hydro-Man then attacks one more time after giving up who hired him...


This is an underrated issue. Shows off T'challa in numerous ways and also shows off what happens when he runs into a D-list villain *coughCOATEScough*. It was also cool to see T'challa working with another minor hero in Justice and how they complimented each other (and how Justice reacted to T'challa, who is a very different "super hero.")