T'challa vs M'baku

M'baku aka Man-Ape

M'baku aka the Man-Ape first appearance was in Avengers #62, where he betrayed his friend T'challa and tried to murder him and take the throne for himself (see Round 1 below).

M'baku is a traditionalist who wants to drag Wakanda back to isolation and back to the tribal days. He is generally seen as the ruler of the Jabari tribe and lived in the Crystal Forrest when he hasn't been exiled from Wakanda altogether.

M'baku gained his powers from the blood of the forbidden White Gorilla, which gave him formidable strength, speed, and agility.

In addition, M'baku has frequently been seen outside of Wakanda. He was part of the Lethal Legion and has been part of other villain groups in the past as well. So, when he isn't one of T'challa's most recognizable rogues... he is a basic villain henchmen. *sigh*

M'baku is also one of the villains that has been featured outside of the comics, including Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, a recent Lego game, and will be appearing in the Black Panther movie as well.

Current Comic Status: Alive? Somehow? The last time he was seen in the Black Panther book, Morlun killed him and ate his Totem. However, he later showed up in Villains for Hire randomly and then made another random appearance in the Pleasant Hill story. His brother seemingly was ruling the Jabari tribe before being killed by the Midnight Angels in Coates run.

Round 1: Avengers, vol 1 #62

- T'challa comes back home to Wakanda, only to find that his friend M'baku has betrayed him.

Round 2: Avengers, vol 1 #78

- M'baku has joined the Lethal Lesion and forces T'challa to fight him after kidnapping Monica Lynne.

Round 3: Guerilla Warfare (Priest)

- T'challa comes to the Crystal Forrest to find Queen Divine Justice, only to be confronted by M'baku.

Round 4: The King is Dead (Priest)

- Queen Divine Justice frees M'baku from his cell with a promise he will behave. M'baku does not behave, leading to the death of Happy Pants Panther.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes- Panther's Quest

- T'challa returns to Wakanda with the Avengers, after M'baku killed his father with a device Klaw created.

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