Monday, October 3, 2016

T'challa vs Killmonger Round 3

Story: Over the Edge #6 (1996)

Background: T'challa is in New York to see to the extradition of Klaw to Wakandan custody. During the hearing, Klaw is broken out of custody and T'challa is captured in the mayhem. Klaw was not working alone...

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Killmonger then begin his villain monologue. He attaches T'challa to a bomb with a suicide note, he then reveals the kid N'banu is his spy, beats down T'challa's bodyguards, deals with Klaw turning on him (he planned for that), and leaves to take a boat to Wakanda. 

T'challa naturally escapes with the help of Daredevil and together they pursue them. 

T'challa then sends N'banu to take the vibranium belt to Daredevil to help fight Klaw. In the midst of that fight, Killmonger wakes up.

In the end, Klaw is recaptured and Killmonger is... dead? They don't mention what happens with his body. Definitely should have cremated the dude. He has a habit of coming back from the dead.

In Priest #21, we learned that Killmonger was brought back to life temporarily by Klaw himself and seemingly died after they were defeated. So, that solves that mystery I suppose.

This is a significant and pretty obscure story. In both Priest's (round 4) and Hudlin's (round 5) run, it was stated over and over how T'challa has never and cannot beat Killmonger. But here is on panel proof that not only was the Iron Man Annual story not really Killmonger (its stated it was just a weak copy) but also proof that T'challa has beaten Killmonger at least once in his past. In fact, at this point in there history, he has lost once, won once, and defeated a re-animated corpse.

[12/06/2016: This entry was edited due to finding more on panel facts about this issue. Added in the comment from Voodoo on how Killmonger returned to life and then died again later-- Shadow]

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