Saturday, March 31, 2018

Rise of the Black Panther #4 Preview


There is so much to love in this preview.

First the cover... it seems to hint that T'challa and Shuri will be beating ass together. Which is a welcome sight. One of the best things about this book is that T'challa and Shuri actually feel like siblings... royal siblings.

T'challa's immediate response to the Doom Bot (by the way, I called the Doom bot as soon as Rise #3 ended lol) was a welcome sight. No hesitation, just doing what had to be done in response to a serious threat sitting on the throne.

I am always happy to see Priest-like Hunter. A problematic character for sure, but a fun one as well when he is written right.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Avengers #73-74 Retro-Review

Issue: Avengers, #73-74
Date: Feb and April 1970
Writer: Roy Thomas

General Black Panther Spoilers

- Black Panther is in New York. The Sons of the Serpents are causing white supremacist mayham that eventually involves Monica Lynne.

- Black Panther saves Monica Lynne.

- Black Panther vows to take down the Sons of the Serpents himself due to being black too. The Avengers agree to give him 24 hours to do it alone.

- Black Panther attacks some of them at a dock and takes the identity of one of the goons. Unfortunately, when confronted by the Supreme One, he doesn't know the secret verse and is captured.

- A man wearing the Black Panther suit starts committing crimes. Avengers are forced to get involved. The Supreme One's plan is to unmask Black Panther and show the world he is black, and starting a race war.

- Avenger's stop the plan and it also turns out that both "TV people" were part of the Sons of the Serpents as well.

Importance to the Mythos

- First appearance of Monica Lynne

- First time in universe a civilian learned Black Panther was black. I guess.

Other Thoughts

- This is one of those times where white people tried to right "black" issues and fail miserably. T'challa has never really been a "my people" type of character unless he is talking about Wakanda. It came off as extremely forced here... an "all black people around the world" are the same type of thing. Soul Brother? good lord. This isn't Luke Cage or some other American black where this "jive" talk type stuff makes since. T'challa is a damn king of an African nation. He ain't "soul brothering" it up with anyone.

Roy is the worst.

Should You Read It?

- No. Not unless you really like Monica Lynne or something.

Friday, March 23, 2018

M'baku vs Captain America

Story: Avengers, vol 1, #78

Background:  Not much of one. M'baku ambushes Captain America in some dumb villain scheme involving the Lethal Legion after he was banished from Wakanda for his failed coup attempt. 

The Challenger: Captain America is well... Captain America. We all know that... comic book peak human, shield, ect. M'baku is powered by the blood of the White Gorilla. He is typically just past comic book peak human strength. This is only his second appearance in the comics. In his first appearance, he beat up Black Panther pretty good before succumbing to being an idiot. You can see that fight here: 

[Scan Tip: Click to enlarge the images and they are easier to read. You can scroll through them all that was as well. --- Shadow]

No fear Captain America fans... Quicksilver and the Vision saved Mr. America. The other Avengers attacked M'baku, who had to make a quick getaway. 

Ahhh... the days M'baku wasn't a complete joke. His first two appearances, he beat up T'challa (and then accidentally smashed himself lol) and then beat up Captain America. His next thing was beating T'challa again via the infamous Monica mannequin. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Black Panther vs The Winter Soldier (Rise of the Black Panther #3)

Story: Rise of the Black Panther #3

Background: T'challa is opening up Wakanda to the world for the first time by inviting representatives from various countries to Wakanda. During this meeting, a mysterious energy signature is detected in the city as the Winter Soldier has been sent to assassinate the king.  

The Challenger: A Mind Controlled Winter Soldier. This is Bucky pre the Winter Soldier story line, so he is in pure assassin mode. Here, as told in the story, he is actually physically enhanced to peak human levels. In addition, he has teleportation tech, is scentless, silent, and has cloaking tech the beginning of the fight. He also ambushes T'challa to start the fight. 

[Scan Tip: Click to enlarge the images and they are easier to read. You can scroll through them all that was as well. --- Shadow]

Evan did a lot of great things with this. First off, he enhanced Bucky to the point where he was a credible threat to T'challa. The enhanced abilities, cloaking, soundless, scentless... Evan upped the villain instead of downgrading the hero. 

At the same time, he added in some new tech for T'challa as well. And a sick looking new suit. 

Oh, and the whole time it seemed like T'challa was non challant about the whole thing and not even stressed. Like he was testing new equipment, new tech, and new theories. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018