Wednesday, October 12, 2016

T'challa vs Killmonger Round 5

Story: Back to Africa (Hudlin, vol 4)

Background: Killmonger returns from the dead to take over and lead Niganda. He initially had the help of the US government but when they lost control over him, they sent Captain Marvel/Pulsar/Photon/Spectrum Monica Rambeau end to neutralize him.

That failed and she was captured. He captured both her and Shuri. Wakanda plans to invade and T'challa plans to fight Killmonger once again. He offers him a chance to surrender... Eric does not.

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One of the Dora's tries to intervene... and was shot for it by an enemy sniper.

At this point in the story, Monica finally breaks out of her containment bubbles and destroys all of Killmonger's force fields.

Before Killmonger can strike....

T'challa's son vows revenge and a clan of female's takes Killmonger's body.

This is the last we have seen of Killmonger in the BP mythos. This is once again an instance were T'challa was distracted, took a shot for it, was about to be killed, and was saved by someone else. That seems to be Killmonger's claim to fame.

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