History of the Black Panther Powers

Below you will find links to a series I did detailing the various powers in Wakanda and how they were obtained. This all started when researching Killmonger which lead to trying to figure out why Priest stated the Heart Shaped Herb was toxic and then it evolved from there.

If you find anything I missed or anything I am wrong on, please feel free to tell me so I can update accordingly.

Part 1- The History of the Heart Shaped Herb

- Every panel every produced depicting and explaining the mysterious herb

Part 2- The Role of Bast, the Panther God

- The Panther God went from nothing more than a vague reference to an actual living, breathing God who plays a direct role in powering up the champions of Wakanda.

Part 3- The Annual Tournament and Tribal Challenges

- If you want to become the Black Panther, you must defeat the Black Panther.

Part 4- The Rite of Ascension

- Every worthy Black Panther must complete a series of trials before getting access to the HSH.

Part 5- The HSH is Toxic? The Curious Case of Killmonger

- During Priest's story, Killmonger was nearly killed by the HSH. We look at the on panel facts in detail.

Part 6- The HSH is Toxic? (continued)

- We look at on panel instances that contradict that the HSH is toxic outside the Line of Bashenga.

Part 7- The HSH is Toxic? (conclusion)

- Goes over the best fan theories on the toxicity of the HSH to find a reasonable explanation that fits the on panel facts of the HSH and Bast.

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