Friday, September 16, 2016

T'challa vs Eric Killmonger Round 1

Story: Panther's Rage (McGregor, Jungle Action)

Background: T'challa has returned to Wakanda to try and squash a mini rebellion lead by a monstrous dude named Killmonger. He finally tracks him down and well, it doesn't end well for him.

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Of course, T'challa does not die here after getting his ass beat by not only Killmonger but Eric's Leopard (yeeesh). He lives to fight another day and claw his way back to Killmonger for their second meeting...

... which ends just as badly as the first meeting after Sombre knocks him out of commission with his powers. Being a villain, of course Killmonger doesn't just finish T'challa off. He drops him off to fight some White Gorillas as Killmonger goes about his business.

But, T'challa perseveres! Don's thing is pretty much showing T'challa taking a crazy amount of damage while still trucking along. So, eventually, T'challa tracks down Eric once again for the trilogy fight!

It seems like its all over for T'challa once more. He did put up a decent fight this time, but none the less, he is headed for another trip down Warrior Falls. That is, until he is saved by the most unlikely of heroes...

A small child. 

I honestly hate this ending (not a huge fan of the story period). It was set up to have an epic confrontation at the end between Killmonger and T'challa. One where, no matter how much damage he took, T'challa's will to protect Wakanda was going to be stronger than Killmonger's will to destroy him. 

But in the end, it took luck for T'challa to win. That no matter how much he fought and clawed, he was still going to lose. Yeesh. That is motivational right there. 

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