Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Totally Awesome Hulk #11- Spoilers and Thoughts (Guest Appearance)


- The monster thing is tearing the city up. It seems to thrive off of emotion.

- The Panthertron and Hulk continue to fight with T'challa threatening to transport Cholk to the Negative Zone. Cholk gets the upper hand and starts dismantling the Panthertron.

- T'challa tells Jake to teleport them both now, but can't because Cholk set off a mini EMP. Cholk bounds for the city and Jake comments on how he's jumping farther than Cholk ever has (aka he is getting stronger).

- Jake says they can teleport him again... T'challa stops him because Cholk isn't heading for Barton.

- Cholk fights and seemingly defeats Monster thing... however the Monster grows stronger due to Cholk's pride, beats the shit out of him, gets bored because he's knocked out, and takes a screaming baby.

- Cholk wakes up and asks T'challa for help controlling his emotions.


- The preview gave away 95% of the Panthertron fight. Kinda of disappointing and kind of disappointing it got trashed so easily. But, its Cho's book so that was bound to happen.

- What is more interesting is Cho asking for help. Seems to set up T'challa to continue showing up in this book as a mentor of sorts.

Here are the Panther pages...

Here are the pages after Cho gets punked by the monster

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