Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Cast Expands for the Black Panther Movie

At the New York comicon last week, Marvel Studios announced some more casting additions for Black Panther. And holy moly, Priest's run is coming to life with a dash of... Coates?

Forest Whitaker: Zuri

- This is surprising. Zuri is best known for being a monster of a man, epic warrior, friend of Thor, and also comic relief due to his shenanigans. But Forest got talent so I'll take it

Daniel Kaluuya: W'kabi

- The question becomes, will he have a bionic arm?

Florence Kasumba: Ayo

- She played the Dora in Civil War but she has now been given an official name. This brings our Dora count to 3 and I would expect Aneka to be announced at some point as well.

Winston Duke: M'baku

- This was known before comicon. The question becomes... how "apey" will he be, is he working with Killmonger or being set up for a future movie?

Right now, this cast is stellar and LARGE. Paralleling the Thor franchise a lot. There is at least one huge announcement we need (Ramonda) but there are other possibilities out there as well, such as S'yan, Taku, QDJ, Hunter... as well as confirmation of Klaw being in the movie and whether or not any previous heroes will show up (Bucky?)

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