Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Ultimates #12- Spoilers and Thoughts


- Anti-Man is in space, having his usual crazy thoughts. Wants to die... Galactus says no

- Danvers is in the White House, Gyrich shows up to tell him the Ultimates are shut down due to T'challa's actions in Civil War II. Alpha Flight remains though.

- Carol visits the blown apart Triskillion. Adam and Monica show up and they have been doing science stuff.

- Carol goes to visit MAC. They end up going to a alternate universe were predictive justice was the norm. Looks to be ruled by Doombots. They smash a bunch of them, MAC makes a comment how that should be enough to help the resistance, they leave on good terms.

- Cut to shady ass Vogt, who is assembling his own team to do shadowy super science threat stuff with the Ultimates gone. On orders from the President.

- Galactus doesn't approve of Vogt's. He needs help. He turns Anti-Man into his Herald of Life. Anti-Man's first task... bring the Ultimates to Galactus.


- One thing that keeps bothering me... T'challa showing up flanked by two Doras. Why is there such a disconnect between The Ultimates and Black Panther??

- The return of the Priest suit!

- But, for T'challa's part, this was just more teasing to whatever happens in Civil War II. His prescense was felt in the book but once again, he really didn't say or do anything.

- The Herald decision should have been suspected but still disappointing.

- This issue was half conclusion to The Ultimates and half set up for Ultimates Squared. I guess its back to space... :(

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