Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Feats: BP Uses Tiger God to Destroy Logos (Ultimates² #100)

T'challa took the power of the Tiger God, and used it to destroy Logos, which was a combination of Chaos, Order, and the In-Betweener.

Logo's was strong enough to kill or convert other cosmic entities, such as the Celestials, Living Tribunal (Chaos and Order did that themselves before fusing) and Galactus.


  1. Love this site! Unfortunately for this particular story line, There are no tigers in Africa. I don't know why Marvel has so much trouble getting animals right when all it takes is five minutes of research. Wakanda maps have piranha cove when there are no piranha in Africa. Wrong continent.

    1. Nothing about Wakanda really makes any sense. No one cared enough through the years to actually sit down and make it make sense.

    2. There are no tigers in Africa, true. However, the Tiger God isn't native to Wakanda. This isn't one of T'Challa's gods that he's drawing on, here, the Tiger God is from K'un Lun. There are tigers there for it to be modeled after. Though given that it became a panther when T'Challa was channeling its powers, it might just be a spirit of predatory cats in general that's been associated with tigers long enough that the name has caught on.