Friday, October 14, 2016

Black Panther #7 Solicit and Preview


With no one left to trust, T’Challa leans on his day ones: Luke Cage. Misty Knight. Storm.

But Wakanda may be too far gone for this all-new, all different CREW.

- One constant criticism of this book from me is that the action art is just stiff as hell. And unfortunately, it is even more apparent here. That panel with Misty fighting Vanisher is just... yikes.

- But, it is good to see what looks like four metas for T'challa and the Crew to fight. Evens the odds a bit. I would hope/imagine that T'challa takes on Stane while the others take care of the three Z-listers.

- Excited for this... always good to see Mr. Cage on panel!

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