Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Ultimates #11- Spoilers and Thoughts...


- Thanos is out of containment, with Conner. Thanos talks about the various cosmic entities and their different state at the moment and how there is a cosmic vacuum he can take control of.

- The Ultimates arrive. Thanos wants to use Conner but Conner dips out (or dead, Thanos isn't sure and doesn't care).

- The Ultimates vs Thanos

- MAC rushes in, gets a good punch in, but then takes a nice back hand because of it

- Adam powers up Carol to Binary mode, while Thanos remarks how the original died slowly and she can too

- White they are fighting and Thanos is distracted, Monica tries to travel in his brain to kill/incapacitate him. She finds out the hard why that you don't want to be in Thanos head and is blasted out of his skull.

- T'challa is noticing there normal tactics are not working and they cannot fight him hand-to-hand like this.

- T'challa comes up with a plan to use the containment thing Conner was in to stop Thanos mental energy. He and Adam start building while Thanos takes turns beating the snot out of MAC and Binary

- They use the machine... and it basically breaks Thanos brain by stopping all his electrical synapses. He ain't dead though and T'challa wonders if Thanos even can die.

- MAC and Carol go back to their disagreement. Carol is back to her default "scream at people mode" but at least it has more nuance than Bendis. She remarks how they fixed Galactus and how they just stopped Thanos and this is what the team was put together to do. And then she wonders if they can stay together or not. She then presumably goes to her meeting with Stark when happened earlier in Civil War II


 - Well, well, well T'challa... nice for you to join the party!

- Coming up with a way to stop Thanos is a super, super high end feat. The kind of stuff that justifies T'challa being on this team. The kind of stuff we need to see more of out of T'challa since physically, he can't generally do much to crazy powered

- Not a bad issue at all. A lot more action packed that general. I've liked the CWII tie ins more than the regular issues lol.

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