Thursday, January 14, 2010

Combat Feats

Escapes entrapment by Medusa's hair via strength and agility

Fantastic Four Annual #5
Evades and decks Karnak

Fantastic Four Annual #5

Uses Captain America's Shield for first time, throws it perfectly off a building to stop a Klaw construct while impressing Captain America 

Black Panther,
volume 1, #15
Can move silently through echoing caves

Jungle Action #7
Is able to follow Daredevil without Daredevil knowing, despite DD's heightened senses

Daredevil #52
Resists King Cadaver's telepathic assualt

Jungle Action #10

Telepathically hides his thoughts from Cable

Cable #54
Is able to fight the Shadow Kings telepathic control to an extent

X-Men: Worlds Apart #3
Able to telepathically block Emma Frost from entering his mind

Original Sin #4
Tech in the suit to block telepathic assault

Black Panther, Coates #17
Jumps 10 feet in the air

Jungle Action #11

Uses nerve strikes and pressure points

...on Hunter

Black Panther,
Priest #12
...on Sound of the Sensors

West Coast Avengers,
Annual #3
... on Luke Cage

Black Panther:
The Man Without Fear #517
... on a Super Skrull (failed due to having Luke Cage's skin)

See Wakanda and Die #2
(vol 4, #40)
... on Blokk the Destroyer

Black Panther: The Sound and the Fury #1

... on Death Tiger's shoulder, immobilizing his hand/arm

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, vol 2, #7

Able to leap across theater to stop an assassination

Black Panther,
Priest #58

Casually dodges and counters Arabian Knight's attacks, while talking to Storm

Black Panther,
Hudlin #15

Can track Vibranium anywhere, thanks to the Heart Shaped Herb

Rise of the Black Panther #2

OHKO's Karnak

Black Panther,
Hudlin #20
OHKO'd Silver Surfer after removing his Power Cosmic

Fantastic Four #546
Snuck through The Mentor's (Thanos father) house security without being detected, much to the surprise of the Wizard

Fantastic Four #548

Able to deduce the weaknesses of a Super Skrull mid fight and uses that knowledge to break his arm, break his legs, and pull his eyes out

See Wakanda and Die #2
(vol 4, #40)
Able to determine Brian's fight patterns mid fight and adjust his strategy

Black Panther:
The Man Without Fear #519
Realized he was being tracked by expert tracker Kraven the Hunter

Black Panther:
The Man Without Fear #519
Sneaks into Shadowland without the Hand, Lady Bullseye, or Typhoid Mary knowing

Black Panther:
The Most Dangerous Man Alive #526
Can conjure a mystical based spear. This spear can hurt the living and seemingly is a threat to the dead as well 

Black Panther, Coates #11

Black Panther,
Coates #14
Black Panther, Coates #17

Sneaks up on Spider-Man without setting off his spidey sense

Spidey #7
Can sense where opponents move before they do 

Spidey #7
Created worlds with a Cosmic Cube. Unfortunately, one of the universes died to an incursion during the process and destroyed the Cosmic Cube

New Avengers, Hickman #29
Wielded the Infinity Gauntlet on BattleWorld

Secret Wars #9
Remade the world with the Reality Gem at the end of Secret Wars. 

Black Panther and the Crew #3

Secret Wars #9

Controlled zombies using his King of the Dead powers

Secret Wars #7
Was able to raise a "Force Ghost Army" of former dead Black Panther's and Wakandan Warriors to defeat Tetu and The People using his King of the Dead powers. 

Black Panther,
Coates #11

Takes the power of the Tiger God and uses it to destroy Logos, a cosmic powerhouse made from the fusion of Chaos, Order, and the Inbetweener. Chaos and Order themselves were able to kill the Living Tribunal and Logos was able to destroy the Celestials and corrupt Life Bringer Galactus. 

Ultimates² #100

Defeats Klaw (Fantastic Four, vol 1, #53)
Defeats Mind Controlled Beast (Avengers #53)
Defeats Klaw (Black Panther, vol 1, #15)
Defeats The Supremacists while being depowered (Black Panther, vol 2, #2 of 4)
Defeats Re-Animated Corpse of Killmonger (Iron Man Annual #5)
Defeats Killmonger (Over the Edge #6)
Defeats Klaw with help from Cable (Cable #54)
Defeats Kraven, nearly killing him (Black Panther, Priest #7)
Defeats Hunter (Black Panther, Priest #12)
Defeats Hydroman (Black Panther, Priest #14)
Defeats Klaw (Black Panther, Priest #29)
Defeats M'baku (Black Panther, Priest #35)
Defeats possessed Iron Fist (Black Panther, Priest #39)
Defeats Super Skrull (Black Panther, vol 4 #39-40)
Defeats Lady Stilt-Man (Villains for Hire #0.1)
Defeats Vlad while depowered (Black Panther: The Man Without Fear)
Defeats Hunter while depowered (Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive)
Defeats Kingpin while depowered (Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive)
Defeats Deadpool (Deadpool #15, vol 4)
Defeats Stane with hands behind his back (Black Panther, Coates #7)
Defeats Lt Kathy Lang/Spitfire (Ultimates² #3-5)
Defeats Logos with the power of the Tiger God (Ultimates² #100)
Defeats The Winter Soldier (Rise of the Black Panther #3)
Defeats Jakarra, with help from Storm (Rise of the Black Panther #5)

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