Thursday, January 14, 2010

Durability Feats

Survives getting beaten by Killmonger then thrown down Warrior Falls

Jungle Action #7
Survives fall from exploding nuclear warhead 

Black Panther,
volume 2, #3 of 4
Tanks an explosion

Rise of the Black Panther #6

Easily took a shot from the Hulk

Black Panther,
Priest #15
Takes shot from the Hulk without his vibranium suit

Marvel Knights 20th #5

Fought Killmonger for 13 hours during a tribal challenge

Black Panther,
Priest #20
Took shot from enraged Namor

Black Panther,
Priest #28
Avengers, vol 8, #9
Ignores taking a sai by Elektra through the arm

Marvel Knights 20th #5

Easily survived being swallowed by Black Dragon

Black Panther,
Priest #40
Remained conscious after getting blasted by Starfox, a herald of Galactus

Fantastic Four #545
Able to withstand the atmosphere miles under the Earth's crust

Avengers, vol 8, #1

Trans-located into Galactus's Home

The Ultimates #2

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