Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Black Panther vs. Beast (Avengers #53)

Story: Avengers #53

Background: The X-Men (O5 minus Angel) were brainwashed by a machine of Magneto to attack and kill the Avengers (Hank, Janet, Black Panther, Hawkeye). Beast took on the Black Panther, while Iceman fought Hawkeye, Cyclops fought Giant-Man, and Jean fought Janet. 

[Scan Tip: Click to enlarge the images and they are easier to read. You can scroll through them all that was as well. --- Shadow]

Young Hank just got schooled by T'challa!

This would actually be a pretty cool fight in the current comics. I believe Hank put a beating on Sabertooth when Hank was blood lusted. They are both quite agile, fast, and very intelligent. 

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