Friday, September 23, 2016

T'challa vs Eric Killmonger Round 2

Story: Iron Man Annual #5 (1982)

Background: T'challa invites Tony Stark to Wakanda. During his visit, T'challa is seemingly killed by a rebellion. However, Stark created a Life Model Decoy to fake T'challa's death and force the mastermind behind the rebellion surface. It is revealed it is Madam Slay and... Eric Killmonger back from the dead.

So T'challa and Iron Man sneak back into Wakanda...

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After T'challa got shot, Iron Man arrives to save T'challa while also noticing the ring Killmonger was wearing. Iron Man was going to continue to fight before he learned of Rhodey's fate from Madam Slay. Leaving Killmonger and T'challa to tussle once again.

T'challa vanquishes Killmonger while Iron Man saves Rhodey. We see that this wasn't the true Killmonger, but just a reanimated corpse, controlled by the villain Mandarin and his power ring.

This was also confirmed in Over the Edge #6, during Round 3 of T'challa vs. Killmonger.


  1. Wow this brought back memories. I remember when I first brought this issue when it first came out at a 7-11 down the street from where I live. This was my first time reading about Killmonger as I was too young when Jungle Action was out to read it. I had this issue for years, but since this was pre 1986 before I went into my first comic book store, I didn't take care of the book like I should have. Once I learned about collecting and storing comics, I rebrought this in the back issue bin and kept it properly. This was also reprinted a couple of years ago in the Iron Man David Michelinie omnibus. Thanks for reviewing this.

  2. Opps, I have to correct myself. It was reprinted in the Iron Man Epic Collection The Enemy Within, which picks up the numbering from where the David Michelinie omnibus left off. My bad.