Monday, April 17, 2017

Black Panther vs Lady Stilt-Man

Story: Villains For Hire #0.1

Background: Misty Knight has a Heroes for Hire thing going on. After a woman version of Stilt-Man steals something and decks Silver Sable, Misty calls T'challa (who was in Hell's Kitchen at the time covering for Daredevil) and "hires" him for the job of tracking her down. T'challa refuses payment of course and tracks her to the subway. 

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T'challa drops that MEAN, choke hold to one-hitter-quitter there.

T'challa then follows a scent (although he shouldn't have his enhanced senses, he was depowered) and runs into a giant monster thing. Luckily, another hero was hired for that job (Hellstorm). 

Did you know Lady Stilt-Man existed? I didn't lol. 

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