Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Black Panther vs Lt Kathy Ling aka Spitfire (Ultimates² #3-5)

Story: Ultimates² #3-5

Background: The Troubleshooters invade the ship of Galactus, looking for the Ultimates. When they find them, cool heads do not prevail and a fight breaks out. Lt. Kathy Ling, a techno-kinetic who can control her suit with psi-control, ends up taking on T'challa.

[Scan Tip: Click to enlarge the images and they are easier to read. You can scroll through them all that was as well. --- Shadow]

I always appreciate writers who realize that T'challa isn't just a tech dude who makes fancy tech stuff. Dude is a warrior, with or without tech. More writers need to realize it and show it!

Shadow Combat... Ewing is a man after my heart. 

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