Friday, April 7, 2017

Black Panther vs Kraven the Hunter (Priest #6-7)

Story: Black Panther, vol 3, #6-7

Background: Kraven the Hunter is hired by Hunter to capture T'challa and deliver him to some gangstas. T'challa does not go quietly. The fight was in typical Priest style of not being in chronological order so I did the best I could to put together the pieces. 

[Scan Tip: Click to enlarge the images and they are easier to read. You can scroll through them all that was as well. --- Shadow]

Kraven takes Black Panther to those that paid him. After T'challa wakes up and eventually escapes, the brawl continues.

The Avengers (yes, that's Iron Man's arm) stop T'challa from killing Kraven right then and there.

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