Thursday, September 15, 2016

T'challa vs Medusa in Uncanny Inhumans #13

T'challa and Medusa had a brief tussle over in Uncanny Inhumans #13.

For some mild background, a rogue Inhuman group just blew up a Stark factory, resulting in the death of innocent people. Medusa and Co. teleported there to take him down, but at that time, the Ultimates arrived as well.

The Ultimates were trying to arrest them all as they thought Medusa was still continuing her revenge on Stark.


  1. Whoa!!! Didnt know about dis BP dedicated site b4 & dats sum gr8 shwing 4 BP. We/SZ found out abt dis site by lurking on BP's CBR thrd. Gonna b regulars here frm now on.- SilverZeal (banned frm CBR yrs ago, was a regular BP thrd-ster & l8r d MASTER KING FAN of BLUE MARVEL on CBR).

    1. I remember you. Didn't realize you got banned.