Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Totally Awesome Hulk #10 Spoilers and Thoughts (BP Guest Appearance)


- T'challa demands/asks for tracking info on Cho from Carol and SHIELD. Carol gives it to him but makes it clear the mission is still under her. She sends SHIELD Agent Oh to go with T'challa.

- T'challa is about to eject Agent Oh from his plane, because he did background research on Agent Oh (found out he was friends/worked with Rhodes) and T'challa is unsure if Agent Oh is a liability due to Rhodes being dead because of Carol or because T'challa almost killed Rhodes in Civil War I.

- Agent Oh eventually proves his worth to T'challa and T'challa doesn't eject him and keeps him around as an adviser/support.

- They are tracking Cho, because they believe Cho is going to find Barton. Cho disables their tracking stuff because he is a super genius.

- We learn Cho IS heading for Barton. His sister? (I think, I don't know the particulars of Cho's support cast) tells him of a monster sighting in Texas and they need the Hulk there. Cho tells her to get Carol instead.

- Cho arrives at the Cabin where Clint is hiding. Starts to confront him, but it is really T'challa disguised as Clint. T'challa baited the answer he needed out of him, to prove that he is acting out of control. He makes a point that he wouldn't have fell for that trap if he was thinking like Cho and not emotional like Hulk.

- Panthertron vs Hulk fight!

- Panther uses Protocol One, which is a sound wave gun to disorient Hulk. That doesn't work for long.

- Panther uses Protocol Two, which is some sort of spore cloud designed to knock him out. That does not work

- Panthertron gets punched and opened up by Hulk. Cho starts to calm down, telling T'challa that he doesn't want to hurt him. Panther threatens him to stop and surrender, despite being in a disadvantageous position

- Panther uses Protocol Three, which is that the suit is absorbing all the damage it is taking and amplifying the energy, exactly like the vibranium weave suit Panther wears in TNC run. Tells him to surrender because he can't win.

- Cho's sister is calling Cho, because the monster she mentioned in Texas has been unleashed.


- Man, these guest appearances continue to just NAIL T'challa. So much more exciting than his own book.

- The dialogue between Agent Oh and T'challa was just on point. Kingly, but understanding. Showed T'challa prepping but then adapting on the fly.

- Speaking of prep, dude had plans on top of plans. This is how you use T'challa's prep ability without being "OP" like many incorrectly claim Priest Panther as.

- Panthertron was cool. Luckily they did incorporate the absorbing ability of the vibranium into it. This is where the absorbing ability should shine... not to beat up random goons but for larger threats outside of Panther's perceived "level."

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