Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Black Panther #6 Spoilers and Thoughts


- The book starts with the preview. Wakandan's are rebelling and the world is starting to notice. T'challa sends the HZ to bring order to the Midnight Angels.

- The Dora's and HZ fight. The HZ gain the upper hand before being stricken with grief and they stop fighting. Zenzi and Tetu are there and Zenzi used her powers to stop them.

- Tetu and the MA talk about having each others back essentially. The MA promise to help Tetu when the time comes. The MA take the HZ captive.

- T'challa is talking to Stark about Stane. Stark tells T'challa that he is old school and that he will want to boast to him before winning.

- Then we get the "injection" scene. Like many of us thoughts, it is nanites, specifically the same nanites as Doom used that allows him to turn himself into a camera.

- We get the start of some inner monologue about T'challa being a scientist more than anyting else, even more than king. He wants to know things and explore things. Not sit on a thrown with legal stuff.

- Back to the vague Shuri journey which continues to be... incredibly vague and just irritating. I think the general point is, "GIRL POWER!" but god, it just eats up pages and panels that could really be used elsewhere.

- Back to T'challa, who has infiltrated the base of The People. We once again continue the monologue about him being a man of science. In fact, it retcons the "T'challa joins on the Avengers to spy on them," instead replacing it with essentially, "T'challa joins the Avengers to learn." We get more stuff about the kingship being secondary to him, secondary to the scientist.

- T'challa is actually captured. The henchmen should be ashamed that they think hitting him with a rifle would somehow knock out a dude that takes explosions lol. He is brought before Stane.

- Stane then does what Iron Man said... he begins to gloat and explain everything. However, T'challa is recording this all and sending it to his head Wakandan base.

- Hodari is going to release this video, which will show the Wakandan's the true reason for the revolution and remove the curtain.

- Hodari then tells a group of people to go in and do it quietly, despite his reservations for using foreigners. We found out, he is talking to The Crew


- I am going to start negative today and end on a high point!

- I think the Shuri stuff has turned into a tremendous waste of panel space. It never really says anything... maybe when all 12 issues are done it will be a complete story within a story but then ask yourself... is it really worth it at the expense of fleshing out Tetu, Zenzi, and T'challa more? I don't think it is personally. Not yet anyway.

- The action in this book is just so bland. The MA vs HZ fight was so anti climatic. You have the two elite military forces in Wakanda fighting each other and... that is it? The T'challa goon fight was just the same thing we have seen the previous 5 issues minus the force push. I get that this isn't an action book but that doesn't mean what action it does have should be so unimaginative and stiff.

- The continued, "I hate being king" stuff is... bleh. The retconning the retcon of T'challa joining to spy kind of hurts the soul a bit. I sorta get it but sorta hate it.

- I did in fact really like T'challa actually getting smart. And the conversation with Stark. In fact, all the real T'challa stuff was great in the book really. The nanites was a great throwback and used perfectly. All that stuff clicked... all that stuff gives me hope that this is the true turn around, at least in the "T'challa's kicking ass "department.

We will see. This is probably the best issue yet. Yet it still had tons of things I didn't like.

The Crew is coming!

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