Thursday, July 14, 2016

TNC Provides a New Map of Wakanda

The location and maps of Wakanda have been around and been an interesting topic since Jungle Action. McGregor put his map together on the fly and it has been "the" defacto map for awhile.

We have seen a few maps since then. Here are a couple more, that I think came from Hudlin's run but I am not 100% sure.

Coates has teased a Wakanda map before in various articles online as he was talking to actual map makers. He wanted to "update" the problematic McGregor map... move beyond "every location is named after an aminal."

So, despite my issues with TNC as a writer... this map is good. Real good. Well thought out in regards to how Wakanda could possibly stay unconquered for so long.

I mean... that is cool man. The part about the fields (top right corner text) is a bit interesting. We had teases in issues #3 that Wakanda was an, isolated badass Wakanda before the Vibranium meteorite. Where is Coates going with this? Seems like another retcons coming!

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