Monday, July 25, 2016

Black Panther #4 Solicit and Preview

Published: July 27, 2016
Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Penciller: Brian Stelfreeze

 - "A NATION UNDER OUR FEET," the first arc of the new hit BLACK PANTHER series, comes to a startling conclusion!

- Suicide bombers terrorize the people of Wakanda, further eroding any last bits of goodwill towards the royal family...

- T'Challa struggles to unite his citizens, who are choosing to side with Zenzi and The People in growing numbers...

- A familiar villain reveals his part in T'Challa's current ruination...and it's not who you think!

We can also add another page that had been posted previously of issue #4...

- I have already made my thoughts very, very clear on this run and these previews just keep reinforcing the fact that Coates simply doesn't care for T'challa. 

- Coates really needs to show why the Midnight Angels may seem like heroes but are really going about this the wrong way. Like, really, really needs to show that walking in and destroying other tribes and re-writing the laws isn't the way to go. If it was that easy, the Black Panther's of the past would have done that. Priest established how delicate tribal politics were. Hell, the Dora's exist because of that. 

You would thing, would pray, someone who spends their life writing about the intricacies of race in the USA wouldn't show freedom fighting as the way to go. You would think... but you also would think a black dude who writes about race wouldn't show Wakanda and T'challa in such a bad light. 

- Wakanda's forces being so depleted they can't follow the MA... yet the MA has enough of a force to topple the White Gorilla tribe? Come the fuck on. 

- And no one man? Really? Coates forget Shuri was JUST ruler? Coates forget T'challa treated the Doras as ceremonial only, never once treating them sexually and even married an outsider instead? He forget T'challa had a chance to take back the crown as Bast offered it to him but let Shuri keep it? THAT "one man" who brought back the multiverse? 

I miss Doom War. 

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