Saturday, July 16, 2016

Black Panther Sightings: July 13, 2016

Let us see where T'challa or members of his mythos showed up this week...

- T'challa's major appearance was in Deadpool #15, where he had a 9 page fight sequence with Wade. you can find details of that HERE.

Continuing to look better in other books...
- T'challa made a one panel appearance in Civil War II: Choosing Sides #2, where apparently he mean mugged Storm at the Rhodey funeral or some dumb shit. They just had to find some bad way to hamfist T'challa into a panel with Storm. Why won't writers just leave those two alone?

That mohawk looks so dumb 
- In Civil War II #3,T'challa was in a handful of panels where he said nothing and did nothing but hold Tony back a bit (which seems to be his dedicated function in this book) after Hulk took an arrow to the face.

Just let the man fight T'challa!

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