Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Ultimates #9- Spoilers and Thoughts

Spoilers incoming...

- Flash back to the past with Blue Marvel and his son dealing with some monster thing that will break the planet if he comes through, they successfully repel him.

- Vogt talks about his people and talks about the Ultimates and whether they can come together after Rhodes got blown to hell.

- They use Ulysses to show them that the monster thing is coming back. They know how to deal with it, but this time they have super advanced warning to plan instead of minutes.

- Carol and Adam have a conversation about what happened with the Hulk. Carol acts like a bitch again (man they are making her unlikable).

- Using the new Giant Man and Pym particles, they are preparing for monster thing to come. Monica powers the machine so it won't burn out.

- The monster comes... we find out they aren't trying to kill and stop it but save it. They use shrinking technology to bring him down to regular size.

- Happy ending, its just an alien scientist/explorer dude they hope to learn from.

- Vogt is impressed but his agent tells them divisions are starting to come up in the team (maybe shoulda showed those Ewing...)

- Cut to Anti-Man in prison, talking all crazy. Find out, Thanos is telepathically talking to him as well.

Don't forget about me guys!


- Just rename the book "Blue Marvel" and get it over with please.

- T'challa did his usual. Ewing throws some "I read Priest's run!" tidbits in, like mentioning the Kymoyo card, but overall doesn't do a god damn thing of importance. Just vague mentions of him helping Adam build something, provides some tech, presses some buttons. and counts. His use in this book is purely to supply spaceships and vibranium. Yawn.

Please put T'challa on a proper team book. Please.

- Rest of the book is pretty boring. Chavez didn't do anything either. Monica just turned to electricity. Hell, new Giant-Man did more than all the Ultimates... I mean, really? Why?

- Only the last panel is interesting at all. Did everyone forget Thanos is a damn telepath or what?

This won't end well
- Not sure where they are going with the Vogt guy.

- Poop on this book.

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