Monday, July 11, 2016

Black Panther Feats Update

One of the reasons I started this blog is because I wanted to chronicle ALL of T'challa's comic book feats. I started the project on another blog, and then thought to myself, "why not have a blog just dedicated to the Black Panther."

It is an exhausting endeavor. There have been a few posts throughout the internet that has various T'challa feats added and some are pretty comprehensive.

There are a few problems with them though:

1) they are on websites/forums where images tend to disappear. Like comicvine or comicbookmovie.

2) there is no context to them. "Black Panther holds the Silver Surfer." Stuff like that... because that is false and stupid. He didn't lol. It is a bit lazy. Sometimes this can make a feat more impressive actually. For instance, in the Fantastic 4 run where T'challa joined, he was able to sneak up on the Wizard. Cool, impressive feat. The scan says something to the effect of, "this house is too advance to not here them coming." Which, ok, cool. Judging from that,Wizard built a house that was pretty advanced. But the house actually belonged to an ancient cosmic being way past "earth science." If you read the few issues before that, it tells you it belongs to A'lars aka Mentor aka Thanos damn dad. Much more impressive in that context.

3) there is no "source" posted ever. So an image gets posted of a feat, but, where did it come from? What comic? What issue? You need to give people a chance to find the feat themselves to verify so it isn't taken out of context.

So, my list hopes to be a bit more comprehensive than others. I am trying to be as thorough as possible, which is making this list take FOREVER. Once I get through the main runs of Panther (I have Hudlin and Liss still to get through...), I then have to fine pseudo runs (like Hickman's TRO, Doom War, Secret Wars) and then I have to go back and find notable guest appearances, and then I cry myself to sleep at night lol.

It is fun and horrible at the same time. For instance, I finally found some of the Jungle Action comics (I believe 6-24) and my god, that hurt to read. I hate it, its awful, it isn't my cup of tea. All for like 6 scans of feats lol.

So, check it out at the top of the blog (under Black Panthe feats) and let me know what you think.

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