Friday, July 15, 2016

Deadpool #15 Review (T'challa had a Significant Appearance)

This isn't going to be like my typical reviews because T'challa is only making a guest appearance and I have not caught up on the Deadpool comic yet as I read it in large chunks and not monthly. But, here are some spoilers on the Civil War II tie in part of it as I do not really know what is happening in the other part of the book.

Spoilers incoming...

- Wade breaks into the Triskelion to kill/talk to Ulysess. They chat for a bit. Most of it is chit chat but some of it is that Ulysess only sees Michael Bay levels of destruction, not other parts of the future.

- Wade decides not to kill him and leaves.

- He is met by T'challa, who doesn't take kindly to the break in. Wade decides that he has to test himself against the best every so often.

- They fight. T'challa basically beats the ever living shit out of him and throws Wade out the window.

- T'challa vows to kill him for... reasons. This may have been a meta joke about T'challa making threats that won't happen. Then Deadpool makes a joke about seeing him next mega event.

Nice Street Fighter esque combo there


- Ok, going in, you have to realize this is a Deadpool comic, which means a certain type of humor and there will definitely be some mis-characterizations going on due to the humor. It is just how it is. So, if you go in expecting ultra seriousness and Al Ewing continuity... not going to happen.

Ok, got the disclaimer out of the way...

- It is so god damn refreshing to see T'challa beat some ass. Seriously. In his own title, he is constantly getting hands put on him dealing with dudes far below his abilities.

In Deadpools OWN COMIC, he delivers an ass beating to an enhanced dude who specializes in killing and kicking ass. Oh and someone finally remembered his claws DESTROY METAL.

- Yes, it does not 100% sound like T'challa. At all. But damn... it is nice to see something other than, "I need Prozac" T'challa. I appreciate some humor here and there. I appreciate personality. Dark and broody works for Batman, I don't need it 100% of the time with T'challa.

- T'challa's two most impressive feats this year have come in a random Spidey issue and a random Deadpool issue. Let that sink in a bit. In his own book. he is doing nothing but getting beat on and force pushing. In Spidey, he sneaks up on him, moves faster, and OHKO's goons. In Deadpool, he lays a beat down on the title character. I mean... come on Coates, step it up a bit.

Deadpool, crumpled up on pavement.
That's how the King does it

- T'challa showing up in this book does show you the power of "the push" though. T'challa is popping up in places he wouldn't have 2 years ago. Ultimates, Hulk, Civil War, Spidey, Deadpool, about to be another appearance in Hulk... this is a sign of the times.

Just write more ass beating T'challa and less getting his ass beat T'challa please. (COAAAATTEEESSS!!!!)

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