Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Combined Marvel NOW! Image Features Panther with... Doom???!!

- We have been getting teasers here and there with hereoes "divided..." typically featuring one popular, older hero with another young, new, or F list character.

Last week, the teasers were put together and we get... this confusing mess.

- So on the left with get Black Panther with... god damn post Secret War Dr. Doom. Yes, I promise that is Dr. Doom. He showed up all GQ in Invincible Iron Man a few times. IF IF IF this teaser means these groups are working together, which is unlikely honestly and thsi is just a teaser, then there better be a god damn good reason T'challa would even be in the same room with Doom without trying (and likely failing, thanks Marvel!) to rip his throat out.

The rest of that side is an odd mix of "old heroes" plus some Deadpool friends. You get Thor (the real one) sporting a new look and still no hammer (GOD DAMNIT!), Jessica Jones who is finally getting a post Netflix push it seems, along with Rogers, Gamora, Cable???, Quake, Carol, and Elektra.

The mix makes no sense whatsoever so I really doubt this is a team. Oh, and that looks like Fing Fang Doom's foot because... why the fuck not right? And why is is Doom holding Iron Man's helmet?

- On the right... a bunch of characters I don't really know, some brand new guys I do know like Mosaic, and new Wasp, one of the Hulks, Squirrel Girl, Miles, Kamala, and... Dr. Strange? What the hell is he doing over there?

- What may be more interesting are the heroes missing. Why focus on these people but not old heroes like say... Parker, Deadpool, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Banner, Bucky, Widow, ect? Or why not some of the newer heroes like FalCap, Jane Thor, Wiccan, Hulking?

What is going on here!

And why is Cable the only mutant?


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