Wednesday, May 17, 2017

BP Sighting: FCBD Secret Empire

There were concerns BP was stuck in space with the rest of the Ultimates but that obviously isn't the case.


  1. I was having a conversation with my friend about johnathan hickman run with the new avengers. He says JH (johnathan hickman) panther sucks and he ruin wakanda. I know JH destroyed wakanda but he did give black panther alot of power ups with the king of the dead and new rechnology, infinity gaunlet, "killing" Namor. So my questions is what do you think of JH black panther as a whole? My second question is what do you think of JH New Avengers #1 do you think it's a good introduction to black panther?

    1. Hickman is very problematic. I have tried to write multiple posts but they get so long and convoluted i've shelved them. In the forums I have aired my grievances with him on more than one occasion.

      I will say he was very important for where T'challa is at now in the comics... ie having a solo that sold very well initially. Being front and center of THE main book at Marvel for 4 years and front and center of teh biggest Marvel event in years was a boon for the character.

      And there were some really cool things in there. Plus actually having great art is just... awesome.

      But good lord, there were some problematic stuff. Most of it surrounds the Namor conflict.

      But the gist is... Hickman ride and dies with the F4 clan and Doom. T'challa was a distant third to Hickman and it really showed.

      i'll sit down and try and get a post done soon-ish. This categorizing his appearances has taken forever lol