Monday, May 8, 2017

April 2017 Sales Report

Black Panther #13, featuring the start of a new arc and a perfect jumping on point...


... errr I guess jumping off point.

If you throw out events and #1, Black Panther was beaten by the following: Venom, Spider-Man, X-Men Gold, X23, X-Men Blue, OML (x2), Weapon X, Spider-Man/DP, JaneThor, Hydra Cap (x2), DP/Punisher, Miles, Dr. Strange, RiRi, Avengers.

That is ROUGH. In recent history, we were competing with Deadpool and OML. I can forgive getting beat by the X-Men relaunch, but Miles? Riri? X23? Come on man! The only notable book beaten in my opinion was Daredevil... which is up to issue 19 at this point.

We are definitely headed under 30K next week, which is a disappointment. This isn't just natural decline in sales, as Dr. Strange #19 is still sitting at 33K and that book is very similar to Panthers (hated by hardcores, recent MCU appearance, first time having a solo in ages, both in Hickman's run). Strange founds its core fan base early and kept them, Coates lost a lot of people and continues to hemorrhage.

Here is the complete publication history of T'challa's solos...

Ultimates² #6, featuring lots of meandering...


Welp, we got one more trade of this. Ewing better start wrapping it up quick.

Black Panther: World of Wakanda #6, featuring the return of Kasper Cole


Well, story wise, it ended on a high note but...

Black Panther and the Crew #1, featuring no Black Panther, no Luke Cage, but plenty of Misty and Storm...

Yep, opened 20K less than WoW.

And that is what fucking happens when you think comic fans are stupid and hide a stealth Misty book by slapping on Black Panthers name. 

So let me get this straight... comic survive by pre-orders and having a massive number one issue, so you decide you will lead off showcasing an F list hero who cant hold a solo and team her up with the most overrated X-man of all time? 

Nice work Marvel. 

Enjoy 6 issues of the Crew everyone!

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