Saturday, May 6, 2017

Black Panther Blog Update

You may have noticed my posts are mostly just scans of comics these days and some reviews.

That is because my current blog project is massively and ridiculously time consuming. I simply don't have time to do any sort of "real" post.

I am currently cataloging ALL of T'challa's appearances. You see the link at the top "All of T'challa's Appearances (raw list)."

Well, I am currently changing the Raw List into something useful. There are just a lot of comics to sift through.

Step one is categorizing T'challa's appearance in the comic. Is it a solo book? Team book? Event? Guest appearance? Or simply a non speaking background cameo?

Once that is finished, I will create a complete, comprehensive reading guide of The Black Panther. But I need all the appearances categorized first. I don't want to miss anything. A lot of the Black Panther lists floating around frankly... suck? Well, don't suck, but they don't have the detail I think is necessary. For instance, one of the most popular "reading order" sights out there doesn't even list Hickman's Fantastic Four issues.... ie the issues where T'challa became King of the Dead. How do you miss that!!???

I am working from present day backwards and right now I am in the middle of the "Hudlin Era."

So, as soon as I finish, expect more old comic reviews, brawls, special features, history of Namor, history of Doom and many more.

But, this is too important to leave undone.

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