Thursday, May 11, 2017

BP Guest Appearance: Ms. Marvel, vol 4, #18

BP Related Spoilers...

- The story is set in Wakanda. Bruno (Kamala supporting cast) is in a Wakandan prep school.

- Bruno and Kwezi (new Wakandan character and classmate and roommate of Bruno) decide to steal raw Vibranium in order to impress a girl Kwezi likes.

- They break into a facility using a distraction and Kwezi's kymoyo beads.

- They start to steal a chunk of vibranium when it sets off an alarm. They try to escape out a window but slip and start to fall until they are saved by Black Panther.

- T'challa begins to scold the children. Come to find out, Kwezi was trying to steal the vibranium to make an apparatus to help treat Bruno's semi paralyzed side. Kwezi also calls T'challa uncle, as his mother is one of T'challa's cousins.

- T'challa is impressed with his design and tells him next time just to ask if he needs something and says maybe he won't be a disappointment after all.


- Neat little "kiddy" story featuring Wakanda and a dash of BP. We actually got to see a little bit more of the "World of Wakanda." Much more than we got in actually World of Wakanda.

- I liked the Wakandan quote at the end. "The universe is so big, it has no center. We are the center. "

Anyway, here are the relevant Black Panther-centric scans.

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