Monday, May 29, 2017

Black Panther #14 Thoughts and Spoilers...

- It was good to see Queen Divine Justice again! And even better she is going by something other than that god awful name. I am actually a little stunned there wasn't an editors note explaining who that was as I do not believe she has gone by Asira before. Come on editors, help the new kids out.

They kept QDJ's sass but made it more grown up which was a nice touch.

If you want to grow the mythos, you have to use already established supporting cast to force the issue home. One of the reasons I wanted Taku to come back instead of this new guy Hodari who is essentially doing Taku's job. Use what is already there instead of inventing new characters for no reason.

Plus, Asira has a much different personality than all the super serious Wakandan supporting cast and her sass and humor is much needed.

Not really sure where her Stane and company plot is going as it looks like nanites are being used again?

- And speaking of returning supporting cast, I think the last person I ever expected to be brought back in the fold would be Zawavari. And for him to survive the incursions? This story took a very interesting turn in this regard. And now he is going to be a side kick tag-along? Fun times ahead.

- Best part of the issue was the meeting with the previous Panthers. Not only was it nice just to see more of them with their own names and such (including another woman Panther) but it was also nice to see T'challa have some base in his voice while around them. Too often he felt "beneath" all of them during previous interactions. In this issue, HE felt like the King.

- I need more Mamadou in my life. I want to see T'challa and Mamadou spar.

- The mystical spear becoming part of T'challa arsenal is a potential nice touch.

- The art was extremely uneven. It looked great in some parts, like with the meeting with the previous Panthers. And then god awful in other parts. Like it was being rushed. The art needs to even out or people are going to leave in droves.

- All in all, this issue continues the much more solid Season 2. The mystical angle, throw back characters... it reads more like the Black Panther comic I want to read. It just really needs to get more even art and hopefully Coates doesn't fall into the exposition trap of season 1. Action is always appreciated!

Should You Read It?

- Yes. Especially if you liked #13. This is two issues in a row that I liked from Coates.

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