Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Ultimates² #3 Spoilers and Thoughts

Quick Spoilers with some Thoughts...

- We will start with the cosmic story line I suppose since that is the real story line of this book. Order and Chaos kill the Living Tribunal. They try and kill Galactus but can't because of some cosmic hierarchy stuff. Galactus sends out Anti Man to find the Ultimates. Chaos and Order run off to find some other cosmic abstract dude (Inbetweener maybe? Honestly I stopped caring at that point) and they swallow him and form a new cosmic thing.

This book should really just be called, "Cosmic Marvel." The Ultimates haven't done anything worth a shit in the cosmic realm since they changed Galactus in issue #2.

This is kinda creepy

- And, for some dumb reason, Ewing decided we need to know more about this weird secret government group. So, we get some of that. I am not going into detail about it because I don't care. They decide they need to find out where the Ultimates are at because they are not supposed to be messing with the cosmic stuff anymore. They end up in Adam's lab and then end up on Galactus ship and confront the Ultimates.

Why we get more lines from this new government team is so beyond me that I just want to poke my eyes out after reading. We barely get any of the Ultimates in this cosmic crap anyway... so he further complicates that by adding in a government group that means nothing.

The "I Don't Cares" everybody!

- During all this... we get some boring talk on whether MAC or Galactus is leading the team. Oh and Anti-Man arrives after MAC makes a portal telling them Galactus needs help. It means nothing to the book and feels like "oh shit, I need to add in the actual title team." I think T'challa says a sentence, if that. It doesn't mean anything.

Maybe next issue the Ultimates will actually do something. Probably not though. I'm over this book.

This is T'challa's only sentence

SHOULD YOU READ IT? Only if you like what Ewing has done with the cosmic stuff so far. If you care about the actual members of the Ultimates, then no.

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