Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Black Panther: World of Wakanda #3 Thoughts and Spoilers

Quick Spoilers... 

- The Doras agree to break away from T'challa and be more open minded. Folami doesn't agree and runs away bitter.

- Ayo and Aneka ask for a vacation. It is granted and they go to New York.

- Shuri and Ramonda talk about T'challa. It is the first rational conversation about what he did during the Incursions we have seen. Only good part of the book honestly.

- Folami shows and and tattle tells about the Dora's breaking away. Shuri and Ramonda basically shame her and shoo her away. She ends up being stopped by some guy who gives her an address. Folami ends up there and seemingly gets super powers? I don't know where the hell this is going.

- Ayo/Aneka romance stuff. They are eventually told to get back to Wakanda because the Black Order is back and it seems too late.


- This book is a god damn waste of a good opportunity to explore so much about Wakanda in general or explore what happened to Wakanda in the various time jumps in Hickman's run.

- Instead, it moves at a break neck speed with the continued poor writing, painfully amatuerish dialogue, and meh story line. I don't see how this book propels the MA into popularity or does anything positive for the Black Panther mythos.

- The only decent panel Gay has done in three issues is the scene between Shuri and Ramonda. It was nuanced and adult like. A strict counter to the young adult romance crud we have been served throughout the rest of the book.

SHOULD YOU READ IT? No. Unless you are starving for LGBT representation in comics and will take whatever you can get.

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