Thursday, January 26, 2017

Black Panther #10 Spoilers and Thoughts


- Shuri meets with the MA and lays a verbal (and literal) smack down. Instead of hugs and kisses, she essentially threatens them. She admits Wakanda cannot defend themselves from both The People adn the MA... so if they march with Tetu, the armies of Wakanda will forsake the Golden City and burn the Jabari lands to the ground and kill every Dora that turned on them.

If the MA refrain from joining Tetu and stay in the Jabari lands... they will be spared. And they will be court marshaled after the People were defeated and possibly shown mercy.

The MA basically agree to stay out of it. They later tell Tetu and he isn't happy about it and leaves an dark warning about their future.

- The "royal council + Eden" meet and discuss what needs to be done. They state their forces are ragged and they will make the stand at the Golden City. The Revealer/Zenzi is the problem as she is making it so the regular grunts are basically super powered. T'challa has a plan to deal with it by bringing out Wakanda's good.

- T'challa goes to Changamire. They have an awkward at times but deep talk about lots of things. T'challa continues to confess that he doesn't not like being king but uses that to his advantage to get Changamire to help him. After taking Changamire to see Ramonda (she might be paralyzed), he finally gets Changamire to agree to help him... by inspiring Wakanda  to counteract Zenzi's hate.

This section is almost impossible to summarize and spoil and it really needs to be read in its entirety to get the subtle nuances and art changes that really define the conversation.

- The Wakandan armies are raised, preparing to defend the Golden City from the People.


- This was the best issue yet. This aired out many of the grievances I have had earlier in the run.

- Seeing someone finally defend T'challa was a breath of fresh air. Even T'challa defended himself, FINALLY. It felt like I was finally reading a book called Black Panther where Black Panther was driving the book, not some other side piece.

- It was also relieving to see Shuri act in character. It was always a fear that she would simply be turned into Bird Ramonda but she still had her attitude. Her talk with the MA was entirely in character and reminiscent of Doom War and the Desturi. The threat was refreshing as hell to see and really set the tone for this issue.

- T'challa's talk with Changamire was equally as entertaining. Despite many of the "I do not want to be king" comments... it felt different and more fleshed out. It also felt like T'challa was leading Changamire to conclusions he wanted him to reach in order to use him to help defeat Zenzi. It was a touch too apologetic IMO but solid none the less. Much better than I feared.

- So the MA have been put in their place. I have a feeling this isn't the end of this story however. I think they still have a part to play in this final battle.

- This is Coates at his finest. Lots of dialogue, no action, plot points coming together and advancing, along with throwing in (unneeded) literature references. The dialogue felt human yet sharp. Words were not wasted.

- So this run really comes down to issue #11. It needs to be action pact and it needs to deliver T'challa as the mother fucking Black Panther. Mopey pants needs to die, T'challa needs ot rise up and lead a smack down on The People.

If... IF IF IF IF Coates can do that... than #9-11 could save this run. Could. If. No pressure.

JUDGEMENT: Best issue yet of this run and carries momentum into #11. Won't change the mind of Coates (justified) haters but people more in the middle should enjoy it.

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