Saturday, January 14, 2017

December 2016 Sales Report

Black Panther #9 featuring the confused Midnight Angels


And the downward slide continues. It is clear at this point that Coates lost a big chunk of his previous audience of the book... which isn't stunning when you continually beat on the title character while propping up new characters no one cares about.

Sales are still safe, even good. But, we know BP can sell in the 50K+ range now. So this is disappointing that the story isn't keeping the interest of the people. To lose such a large chunk mid-way through is bizarre.

For comparisons sake...

-  Dr. Strange #9: 46K
- All New Wolverine #9: 43K
- Daredevil #9: 43K
- Moon Knight #9: 29K
- Hydra Cap #9:
- Old Man Logan #9: 49.8K
- Miles #9: 39.7K
- Jane Thor #9: 48.7K
- Captain Marvel #9: 24.7K

Here is the updated look at T'challa completely publication history:

We are in much more familiar territory now. Hudlin #9 sold 40K, Priest #9 sold 36.9K. It is HARD to compare comic eras for sales but... yeah......

Ultimates² #2, featuring more giant cosmic heads and monologues:


And we are right where we left off after the very unnecessary relaunch/rebrand. The new dumb name didn't fool a soul.

Black Panther: World of Wakanda #2, featuring T'challa expected to be served in all ways:


This number is, frankly, bullshit. And not because I hate the title lol. It is really inflated.

WoW 2 ranked 46th in sales based on units SHIPPED. Which is where this number comes from. Unforutantely, based on DOLLARS... it ranked 94th. For comparisons sake, BP#9 ranked 61st in unis but 44th in actual money taken in.

WoW2 was either horribly over ordered or Marvel over shipped it on purpose like they have been known to do.

So, WoW fans, I wouldn't get too excited by this number.

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