Thursday, June 22, 2017

Captain America: Steve Rogers #18 Thoughts and Spoilers (BP Appearance)


- HydraCap addresses the world at the UN. Basically tells them all Hydra is done being int he shadows, that HydraUSA doesn't need them, and they will do what they are told when they are told. Basically, a villain monologue.

- At the same time, we see various international super hero teams dealing with Hydra forces.

- And at the same time, we see Namor. Who holds a cosmic cube shard and is refusing to give it up to Steve.

- In the middle of the villain monologue, T'challa hacks into the UN as the representative of Wakanda. And starts going off.

- He explains three times Hydra forces have invaded Wakanda and three times Wakanda has slaughtered them.

- The last time, T'challa got especially annoyed and joined the fray, culminating in ripping Zola apart.

- He then straight up threatens Steve. He tells Steve to stop sending his lackies to kill and to bring himself to Wakanda instead.

- Steve is pissed, leaves, and runs into a defiant Namor and Atlantis.

- Flash forward to last SE issue and we see Atlantis church destroyed and Namor giving up the cube fragment.


- Well, I didn't see this coming. Didn't see the T'challa I know and dedicate a blog to suddenly grow back his balls and not only act defiant but telling HydraCap to come finish this man-to-man. I mean... shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. This is the first person to stand up to Cap to his face.

- And at the same time, it was a nice (and sad) comparison to see Namor, the always defiant proud king.... bend his knee. He had Steve right there in front of him... and walked away. While T'challa told Steve to catch him outside.

- I do not plan on getting my hopes up too much. Wakanda has been destroyed too often in events (Doom War, AvX, Time Runs Out) lately for me to think this will be another See Wakanda and Die situation. Let's cross our fingers and hope Wakanda and T'challa put up a good fight when the forces of Hydra eventually turn that way.

- What I would like is for T'challa to lead an international force against Hydra. There had to be a reason Spencer showed all those super heroes fighting Hydra forces, culminating in T'challa's outright defiance and threatening tone. A team of T'challa, Captain Britain, Namor, ect would be really fun and really powerful.

Scans of T'challa's appearance below (click to enlarge)...

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