Saturday, June 10, 2017

Black Panther Teaser Trailer Thoughts...

- What a time to be alive! This trailer definitely teased so many different elements without giving anything away at all. And hell, the main characters didn't even speak!

- Let's get the superficial stuff out of the way from the get go. Despite the CGI obviously not being completed, this movie simply looks beautiful. From the various costumes and costume designs of the Doras, Shuri, Black Panther, tribal elders, and to Wakanda itself... it is just awesome. I loved different looks of the different tribes. Very visually distinctive. And the soundtrack was just plain dope.

- The trailer was almost an introduction to Wakanda as much as it was an introduction to Black Panther. Neat to tie it to the legend of El Dorado and to use Klaw as the narrator.

- First thing that struck me was the iconic Black Panther in a tree pose followed by some goons getting absolutely obliterated. This is an MCU, peak human tradition... when they hit regular dudes, regular dudes go flying (see Captain America on the carrier for instance). Good to see the MCU continue to nail power levels. And Panther seems to have an extra dose of speed and agility as well.

- And, this Black Panther seems "basic" as hell, which I love. My favorite iterations of the character are See Wakanda and Die, Earth's Mightiest Heroe's, and MCU Civil War versions. These versions were defined by their ability to kick ass and take names with no fancy gadgets. This teaser showed a T'challa that relied on his strength, speed, agility, and fighting skills... not on energy gauntlets, camo, and other stupid "extra" stuff he doesn't need. Now we just need to see that strategic, brilliant brain of his....

- I do still have to warm up to MJB as Killmonger. Just not quite as... physical as I would imagine due to his height. The blades look cool as hell and I am lovin' the hair. Dude can act for sure, so when he gets to speak in any upcoming trailers, it should put my fears to rest.

- Didn't get a good look at many of the Doras, other than their costumes are dope and it seems they all use different weapons which is cool.

- Shuri looks GREAT. The tech thing... we will get to that at a later time lol. But I love the face markings and the tech gauntlet things could be cool. Panther Gauntlet Guns! What a time to be alive!!

- Zuri... well, that ain't muh Zuri, who is one of my favorite supporting characters ever (RIP). But, Forrest can act so I will roll with it.

- Klaw looks and sounds menacing.. a far cry from his comic book joke status. Apparently, he is getting his sonic arm via Wakandan mining equipment so that could be cool.

- Yo, is the tribal elder in green Achebe? Please say yes lol.

- And like we all expected, M'baku ain't dressed as a fucking monkey. And good lord, dude looked huge. It was interesting that M'baku and Killmonger were fighting... I assumed M'baku would be an early movie sub boss for T'challa to beat on but maybe not.

All in all... this teaser exceeded my expectations big time. Man, I wish this movie didn't get pushed back to February. DAMN YOU SPIDER-MAN 86!

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