Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Black Panther and the Crew #3 Thoughts and Spoilers

- Well, at least T'challa was actual in the book. And we finally figured out who the bad guys are... although I am not sure if Coates is using certain elements on accident (Faustus and now Hydra) or if he planned ot use these people right at the same time a big event is going on with these people but not tie in? Kind of bizarre honestly.

- There is some really baffling things in this issue. We get confirmation that T'challa DID re-write reality with the Reality Gem. Which, until some other writer says otherwise, is about as close as a confirmation we are going to get in regards to the end of Secret Wars.

At the same time though, he acts as if he could have restored the marriage and decided not to. So... that is what he is going to mope about? Not the fact he didn't revive his whole damn family, including the sister he moped for 12 issues about in the main book?

This just stinks of Coates trying anyway possible to put Storm and T'challa back together. No, annulled the marriage (in story anyway) because she chose the wrong side in AvX and HER side drowned what was supposed to be HER country. Not because he was afraid. Maybe BP/Storm lovers just eat this stuff up but I want T'challa to move on.

It is this kind of low key shade throwing that you could ignore in isolation but continues a disturbing pattern from Coates. But, this book is set in the middle of the solo book (why don't this books have editor notes?) so at least it kinda "fits" continuity wise.

- I also find it cringe worthy when writers force America race politics onto T'challa. I mean, I get it, he is the most popular black superhero in existence. But... it just really doesn't fit an African king of a xenophobic fictional nation really. The old lady giving him the identity speech... ugh. I wanted T'challa to bring out his back hand once again.

- I haven't touched much on the plot because it is literally the same as the previous issue. Hints about Ezra's mysterious pass + a character narrating the entire time + two characters hanging out the entire time + an explosion + splash page. We have gotten three pages of action total in three issues. Plot is moving at a snail pace. We don't read team books to spend a whole trade waiting for the team to get together.

Should You Read It?

- No. This book is a pure disappointment.

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