Monday, June 26, 2017

Black Panther Myth: T'challa Staggered The Hulk

The Myth

During the massive fight between multiple Avenger's teams in Hickman's Time Runs Out saga, Black Panther staggered an alternate reality Hulk with a slash/slap/punch. 

You may have seen this fact on internet forums, Facebook, and Instagram. Even on forums with "hardcore" fans, they use this fact to justify that T'challa was "super powered" due to his King of the Dead upgrade. Or you will see this on various "Black Panther feats" posts or threads who never post sources (even if they straight up steal my shit).

And then this image is posted:

And yeah... it does like T'challa have the Hulk one of his pimp hand specials.

The Facts

T'challa did not stagger the Hulk. Sunspot did. 

Here is the full, un-cropped scan from New Avengers, vol 3, #28 (Hickman's run):

Let us zoom in for the people who want to be really dense about this:

This is why all feats should have SOURCES! All feats should have SCANS! This is CLEARLY Sunspot decking alternate reality Hulk. Not T'challa. I don't even know what T'challa is doing here, but if I had to guess by his arm position and what he was doing in the previous panels, he is likely throwing an energy dagger at someone.

One thing he ain't doing is staggering the Hulk.

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