Monday, March 13, 2017

X-Men #45, Avengers #53 Retro-Review

Issue: X-Men #45, Avengers #53
Date: 06/1968
Writer: Gary Friedrich (X-Men), Roy Thomas (Avengers)

General Black Panther Spoilers

X-Men #45

- X-Men are prisoners of Magneto and the Brotherhood. Cyclops escapes and eventually ends up fighting Quicksilver. Right as he knocks him out, the Avengers arrive with T'challa's only panel appearance.

Avengers #53

- The Avengers think Cyclops is attacking Quicksilver (who was an Avenger) as they don't know he switched to the Brotherhood. Cyclops beats them, including blasting T'challa to kingdom come.

- Flash back to before this, where Angel arrives at Avengers HQ to recruit the Avengers against Magneto.

- Avengers discover a tracking device on Angel and think he is a traitor and tie him up. The device was actually put on by Magneto, in order to draw the Avengers to him.

- Flash back forward to post Cyclops beating and the Avengers quarrel and fight each other with some strong insults thrown T'challa's way (oh the 60's....).

- Magneto uses a machine to force to kill the Avengers. Beast attacks Black Panther and they brawl.

- The Avengers prevail and BP beats Beast.

- They attack Magneto who stops them... until Angel arrives. The tie up and fighting between each other was a ruse by the Avengers.

- Magneto ends up escaping but is betrayed by Toad, who blows up the island, along with Magneto.

Importance to the Mythos

-  First meeting with the X-Men

- Brawl with Beast

Other Thoughts

- The incessant "Tarzan" type comments is just grating to read in 2017. It is like in every single issue up to this point in publication. I get it was the 60's, but I figured if Marvel was progressive enough to put an African genius king in a book, they would be progressive enough to tone down the racist type comments.

Should You Read It?

- If you are into the Roy Thomas version of T'challa, then yes, as he is in this issue a lot. Just read the Avengers issue as he is in one panel of the X-Men issue. There is also a decent fight with Beast.

For more modern Panther fans, other than the fight with Beast, there really isn't anything worth reading.

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