Monday, March 27, 2017

Cable #54 Retro-Review

Issue: Cable #54
Date: 05/1998
Writer: Joe Casey

General Black Panther Spoilers

- Cable crash lands in Wakanda. He is found unconscious by W'kabi and some Wakandans and is taken back to the city for medical aid and to inform the king.

- Cable wakes up. T'challa is there. He knows Cable but at the same time doesn't. He knows he is dangerous but informs Cable he is with friends and that his cousin, Dr. Joshua Itobu helped treat him. T'challa mentions he just returned to Wakanda from his Avengers adventures. Cable says he knows who he is and where he is at... Wakanda.

- T'challa welcomes Cable to stay. During dinner with Cable and Itobu, there is a discussion about Wakanda that is oddly relevant to the current, Coates, Nation Under Our Feet, story.

- We discover the Itobu has smuggled Klaw into Wakanda as he wants to overthrow T'challa to push Wakanda into being a superpower with influence all over the world while Klaw's motivations are unclear.

- T'challa takes Cable down into the Techno Jungle, where they are running experiments on Vibranium in a vacuum for safety.

- Itobu and T'challa debate using Vibranium and Wakanda's resources for military might. Itobu meets with Klaw later, where we discover he is dying of vibranium poisoning from his sonic blaster. Klaw snaps, attacks Itwobu and decides to just do things himself.

- Cable notices the door to the Techno Jungle has been left open. He explores and discovers Klaw. They fight and Klaw eventually takes him out before being confronted by T'challa. T'challa attacks with vibranium knuckle bands and opens the vibranium testing door. With the help of Cable, Klaw is thrown into the room... which is a vacuum. Without sound existing, Klaw is essentially evaporated and killed.

- Itobu is alive but now deaf. T'challa gives Cable and aircraft and tells him that Wakanda is always a safe haven for him.

Importance to the Mythos

- Telepathic resistance feat by T'challa

- One of the few appearances from Itobu

- Another fight with Klaw where T'challa seemingly kills him

Other Thoughts

- I didn't know  a Cable comic with no giant gun existed.

- This is yet another Klaw/BP meeting where BP dispatches his "arch" nemesis with relative ease. Hell, he even offered to help the dude. That is so odd. T'challa is full on, "noble monk" in this comic.

- I have no idea what the, "I know you kinda but I can't remember" thing was about. Maybe it was a time travel story or something? I am not a big Cable back history reader. Cable made it sound like he knew Wakanda from the future though.

Should You Read It?

- For a guest appearance, it was a pretty substantial and solid issue that takes a look at a conflicted Wakanda (traditional vs western) and of course, another Klaw vs. BP fight. There is nothing earth shattering in here but if you can find it (it isn't on Marvel Unlimited), it is worth the five minutes to read it.

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