Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Ultimates² #2 Spoilers and Thoughts...


- Galactus is being judged by the Living Tribunal, who was contacted by the giant heads Order and Chaos (the dudes Galactus punched earlier in the run). In the end.. the Living Tribunal decides that Galactus should be what he is and let everything play out. The cosmic heads respond by trying to kill the Living Tribunal

- Back to the humans...

- Carol is pulling double duty while also working for the Ultimates, much to her chagrin.

- The Shaper of the Worlds shows up at Galactus home (where the Ultimates are). Carol and T'challa attack which momentarily stops him.

- Adam shows up and contains him while the Shaper babbles on about the end of everything and then it coming back... sounds like he is talking about incursions and SW.

- They realize he did not come to attack... but to talk to Galactus.


- Ewing has got to get to the point of all this. He can't just keep adding cosmic entities over and over again to tell us how F'd up things are. We get it at this point. Shit is happenin. SHOW US AND MOVE THE PLOT ALONG!

- But...


The very little T'challa was in the book was good. aka two pages. I liked those two pages. The use of the energy daggers was nice to see again and their update was very nice. I love Ewing's respect for characters.

- But man, this plot has got to get going.

JUDGEMENT: If you enjoyed the first trade (#1-6), you will enjoy this. 


  1. I very much disagree....the plot IS moving along & I am enjoying the ride. Remember the dis plot affects d whole OMNI-verse, it doesnt get any bigger than that therefore cant rush things for such a grandiose plot. Hickman took more dan 2yrs 2 tell his cosmic story & dat required 2 ongoings. By the way, it is super-unkool to unceremoniously show-off the cliff-hanger like that. This is the only team with 3 black superheroes in it, please leave some mystery so that people can get invested enough to go and buy it otherwise Blue Marvel & Monica will fall in limbo & we'll all be left with the ridiculously horrible TaNehisi's BP series. Dont ruin this, bruh.

    1. Howdy,

      Well, obviously I don't agree with your assertion of the plot moving along. I feel it is dragging, as it seems to add one cosmic abstract after another (galactus then eternity then chaos and order then molecule man then shaper then living tribunal) all to just tell us the same thing over and over: something bad is going on on a cosmic level beyond any human comprehension.

      I wouldn't mind a slow burn if it felt like it didn't feel like its repeating itself over and over at the expense of the real characters of the book (the ultimates). This issue fell into the same trap the other issues I didn't enjoy did. I want to see more interactions between the actual ultimates

      But, a good amount of cosmic fans tend to be enjoying the book. I'm not particularly into THIS level of cosmic so it is going to take a bit more for me to enjoy than someone who loves stuff like Eternity. I'm only reading this book because BP is in it... if he wasn't in the book I would drop it.

      Re: Spoilers

      I clearly mark each and every review that there will be spoilers involved. There isn't much more I can do than that.

      Unfortunately, we both agree about Coates at this point :(

      Thanks for stopping by,