Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Black Panther: World of Wakanda #2- Thoughts and Spoilers

Quick Spoilers...

- We start post-flooding, as the Dora's are cleaning up the dead in the Golden City. We get to see Ayo's temper and such and some romance angst.

- Then to the preview, with the guy seemingly trying to get to Shuri and the Dora's take him down. During interogation, we learn he was just grieving about his wife dying in the floods.

- Ayo and Aneka bone. They are then re-assigned to T'challa in Necropolis.

- T'challa tells them about Namor. Ayo and Aneka protest but do their job.

- Cut to post Infinity War.

- Cut to when the Dora's break from T'challa in Hickman's run.

- Then to more romance stuff.


- This book continues to be the "trash T'challa, the character that people actually like" fest. But, that is simply the premise of the book I guess.

- The "romance" stuff doesn't work for me at all. But, I don't think that I am the target audience for it so I won't dwell on that aspect.

- How many times do Gay need to drop the "serve him in all ways" bullshit? Just come out and say it instead of making something up to fit some ridiculous agenda.

- The thought balloons have. got. to go.

- The issue jumped around so quickly time wise. These first two issues feel pointless. It could have been told in all of 2 pages in a flashback if they wanted to. I just do not know why this book actually exists. Maybe it will get more interesting as we go along but I thought it existed to flesh out what was going on but it jumps too much to flesh out anything.

- The art is average. The writing is below average. And the trashing of T'challa is a travesty.

- This really, really should have been a book about Shuri, going over what her and Wakanda were going through post T'challa's banishment. THAT would have been interesting and the Dora's could have been the supporting cast. Instead we are getting a mediocre book from a novice writer that is accomplishing nothing at all.

- Also, one more thing... the continuity in this book is horrid. Saying T'challa wasn't there to help rebuild, when there are direct scans showing him cleaning up right before he annulled the marriage and scans stating the Avengers were coming back to help as well. Or the fact they changed the "break up scene" to leave out the HZ, thus making it a pure, petty gender issue instead of an nationalistic issue.

JUDGEMENT: Hard pass. 

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